Monday, June 17, 2013


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What with more and more professionals dedicated to the business of saving lives advising us even more frequently about getting all our medical documents accurately translated nowadays (especially prior to long-haul travel journeys in a completely unfamiliar part of the planet), this makes one and all ponder as to how this task should be carried out.

There are a bevy of institutions who seem to cater to offering the general public translation services, along with a wealth of information regarding its very many intricacies that are involved in due process. So, how is one to decipher as to which particular firm shall deem suitable for interpreting literatures such as diagnosis charts and prescriptions?

While one translation agency may work for an individual just perfectly whilst it may prove to be void of efficacy to another, it’s initially prudent at most to first do your homework; asking around and researching per se as to which specialized organization that’s based online (yes, translation organizations based over the web work 24/7 and are accessible from any corner of the globe) shall be convenient for you is key to laying a fundamental stepping stone for starting off. Some pointers to be vigilant of when it comes to sworn translators are:

1) Has your allocated translator exclusively majored in the technique of translation? A degree or diploma certificate says it all, so don’t be shy in submitting an inquiry ticket about seeing some proof prior to committing your precious pennies and documents to any agency.

2) Is he/she also an expert in any field of medicine? As topics pertaining to the expertise in scientific avenues comprise of complicating nomenclature that a novice shall not be able to understand, this is a basic requirement to check out for before reaching any final decisions.

3) Does he/she possess any working experience in translation (and that too medicine, in particular?) Although not compulsory, this is desirably preferable too – the more the merrier.


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