Monday, June 24, 2013


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What with most translators and their clients all sceptical about the entire case scenario related to back translations, I honestly beg to differ! Nowadays, the option of having this extra step after the brain-hurting process of interpreting documents is the real secret to determining as to whether most translation agencies that are based online are worthy enough of being chased for the purpose of gaining access to their expertise in order to meet our personal translation needs.

Taking into account the field of medicine, the tiniest mistake could sabotage the capabilities of healthcare practitioners, thereby causing their patients’ live to be put to fatal risk!

However, first things first –

What is back translation?

This is a specialized procedure that is carried out post translation-related compilations and proofreading is completed, where the translated script is interpreted back into its original language.

Usually carried out by the same translation personnel who were involved throughout the translating process of a particular set of documents, most leading online agencies rely on an entirely different staff of translators to execute this additional process, for a team that has never been affiliated with a task is able to indicate any errors in a much more unbiased manner.

Considering the fact that it takes much longer than intended, what are the hidden advantages of back translation, and why should you request it the next time you make an inquiry for your translation requirements?

Since the primary purpose of translation is to eradicate barriers that prevail amidst seamless communication between individuals who do not understand each other’s speaks, back translation helps to further enhance the quality of this very communication strada.

As it seems to resemble proof-reading (but to a much more intensified level), the different meanings that are generally articulated between two completely different tongues is regulated, thereby helping patients understand exactly how treatments need to be carried out, and reason with their doctors simultaneously.


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