Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Confused with Career Decision- Here Is the Solution

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Some individuals have studied abroad in the hopes of getting a better paying job. There is a list of best careers that are being hyped in the news media but are they really profitable and will it really help an individual find satisfaction in life.

Things to remember before selecting a career:

 1. Don’t let another person influence you to take a career you do not understand:

 Parents, siblings, friends and other forms of peer pressure even from the media can cause someone to choose a certain career even if they are not passionate about it.

Some will say that this job will provide monetary benefits in the long run; some will even predict that certain a career will be in demand in the coming years.

While some advice is helpful, it should not in any way determine what career path a person should take.

Before selecting a career, you need to make sure that you can imagine yourself doing that career for 15 years or more, otherwise the investment will be in vain.

Best career lists and people around you are just here to provide guidance, it would still be better to select a career that you can love.

2. Select a career that will be a good match for your personality:
Certain careers could be listed as best careers for earning a high paying salary but it will not guarantee that you are suitable. Before choosing a career makes sure that it will suit your values, interests, aptitudes, skills and personality type.

For example Nursing is a high paying job, but it will not necessarily mean that it would fit people who are a bit of an introvert.

It will not necessarily be good for a person to choose a job that they will have no interest in taking part of in the coming years.

There is nothing worse than realizing that you hate your current job after spending a fortune just to finish it.

3. Do what you love and the money will follow:

There is a huge misconception that if you are doing what you loves; you will end up being poor. In the past it has been believed that painting, writing and photography career is good for nothing and will not get anybody anywhere.

This belief is changing, the truth is if you love doing something you will be able to focus on it and chances are you will be able to provide brilliant results.

Brilliant results will get you noticed and once you are noticed you will get paid for the quality work that you have done.

Before selecting a career make sure that you read the actual job description, make sure that it is appealing to you, you need to make sure that you can perform the job every day without feeling bored or lonely at the end of the day.

4. Make sure that the educational requirements are not out of your reach
Highest paying occupations will also require costly tuition fees, a master’s doctorate, law or medical degree will take years to finish.

Before getting a passport renewal for your student visa, there is a need to reflect on your career decisions.

You need to make sure that the career path you have chosen will not get you in debt. Otherwise you will just be working for the rest of your life to pay off a student loan; you need to select a career that will be practical and attainable in the long run.


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